Call on Ken

Example: Yellow Pages ?

Looking at the message which arrived it said it came from "YP Editorial " and it had a subject line of "Your Yellow Pages listing Ref:Yellow/2003/www/96851". This one was less clever than the Natwest example since a quick look at the header showed that the address referred to by "YP Editorial" was in fact! What the email said was...

Dear Valued Client

We regret to advise that your annual Free listing has now expired.

Please take a moment to re-enter your details.

If you do it now your listing will appear FREE for the next 12 months.

If you do not wish to maintain your listing you need take no further action.

However, if you do wish continue, you need take action now !.

To enter your data please click here

Thank You.

Data Editorial Dept.


The first port of call is the headers and we see (amongst other things)...

Return-path: <>
From: "YP Editorial" <>
Reply-To: "YP Editorial" <>

It seems to suggest that the Yellow Pages are using a Hotmail account!

Of course, most people aren't going to be hit by this one anyway since they probably don't have a yellow pages listing.