Call on Ken

Ken is Ken Moore and he has been working with PC's since they first came out - and with other computers for much longer than that!

He has been responsible for installation, maintenance and development of computers and computer systems for many years and having spent many years as R&D Manager with a leading midlands software company is now Technical Director of Trentham Expertise Limited, a company specialising in computer consultancy... which is just a posh way of saying, "problem fixing"!

His experiences cover most aspects of computer hardware and software and he is expert in most common software packages and many of the less common ones.

Whilst every attempt is made to keep this website up to date, time constraints tend to fight against this (Ken's spending most of his time sorting out your problems!). To try to be a bit more immediate, there is a CallOnKen 'blog', which you'll find on the navigation bar above, where you can leave comments as well as keep up to date with Ken's latest thoughts.

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